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ENiCARE is established by Emerald Nonwovens International in 2020. We aim to provide certified-grade face mask for more people during and after the pandemic. 


Our production and R&D team has been working to provide face masks that meet different circumstances, from our surgical face masks to anti-fog masks with eye shields.


All ENiCARE face masks are produced at Emerald's factory. At Emerald, strictly control the manufacturing process. In addition to the ISO13485 certification, the masks are made in a cleanroom throughout the entire process, so consumers do not need to worry about contamination. Moreover, our factory has undergone and passed strict overseas inspections by the US FDA in 2018.

In addition to the production certifications, our factory produces masks for Walgreen, which must be audited by WRAP (Global Socially Responsible Production Accreditation Audit).


Earloop Mask

ENiCARE Earloop Mask is a highly breathable face mask. It comes in 3 different packages and is offered in different colors and patterns.

EniCare Product.png

ViralGuard Mask

ViralGuard Mask has high breathability and World-leading "NANOSHIELD" technology that kills bacteria to achieve sterilization effects. Inhibit and block more than 99% of bacteria and COVID-19 strains on the surface of the mask (reduce the risk of cross-infection).
Although the mask has a 4-layer design, it is comparable in protection to 5-layer masks on the market. 


Medical Face Mask with Shield

Medical Face Mask with Shield has a high level of fluid protection and an anti-fog foam strip.
This mask provides full fluid protection and the eye shield provides reliable protection for the eyes. The comfortable and soft anti-fog foam strip prevents fogging of the glasses, thereby ensuring optical clarity, while the ear straps provide firm wear.

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